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Education programme for electrical and electronic subjects

If you choose this education programme, you may become an electrician, electrical repairperson, lift fitter or automation technician. Other possible jobs might be in the computer industry, in the processing industry, electronics industry, mechanical industry, power stations or railway operations. You may also find employment in the airplane industry as an
avionics technician or mechanic, or in the oil industry, working with remotely-controlled submerged operations.

Common to all these trades is that you must work accurately, safely and systematically. Good colour vision may be a requirement. You also need to have practical manual skills.






Here you will find resources, texts and interactive  tasks for all the chapters in your textbook. You will also find lots of useful texts and links in Toolbox.




March in history


2 March 1989: a provocative music video

Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' premieres on a Pepsi commercial


17 March: St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated every year


21 March 1963: Alcatraz closes

Alcatraz was a prison with a special reputation


27 March 1863: an important date in car history

Sir Henry Royce, the car designer, is born


30 March 1867: The USA gets its 49th state

Alaska is bought from Russia